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Conditions générales de vente en français



ARTICLE 1 – OBJECT : The present terms and conditions shall apply to French courses proposed by the Institut français in Luxembourg, Cooperation and Cultural Department, 47, avenue Monterey BP 236 L-2012 Luxembourg, public entity having financial autonomy (hereinafter the” IFL”) and are intended to define the obligations of each Party and the conditions under which the IFL provides the services subscribed by the client, the student and/or his (her) legal representatives (hereinafter the “Client”).

By signing the contract “placement test”, the contract “Group courses”, the contract “Private Tuition “, and/or the contract “In-Company courses” of the IFL (hereinafter the “Contract”), the Client agrees hereby with the general terms and conditions.


2.1 The minimum age for enrolment is 18 years. Parents or the legal representative have to register minors under their authority.

2.2 Any enrolment is personal and non-assignable. The same applies to registration fees. The enrolment is valid according to the duration mentioned in the Contract. The renewal of the enrolment requires the payment of new registration fees and the signature of a new Contract.

The registration to the placement test is only valid during one week as from the drafting date.

Class enrolment is approved once the original is signed and returned to the IFL and the payment received. By validating his(her) enrolment, the Client indicates his(her) firm commitment to participate in courses or cause to participate in the courses.

For group courses, it’ is required to possess the learning material indicated by the trainer during the third course at the latest.

2.3 The IFL reserves the right to refuse the enrolment in a course and its renewal, in particular if the Client’s behaviour is considered as inappropriate by the trainer, the IFL employees or its partners.

2.4 The level required to access to different courses is determined by the IFL training requirements through the placement test according to the Common European Framework of References for languages, freely accessible from the website:, which is incorporated herein by reference and forms an integral part hereof.

The Client, interested to participate in a course proposed by the IFL shall comply with the following conditions, otherwise its enrolment will not be registered:

  • The placement test proposed by the IFL is invoiced 20€; in this case, the Client undertakes to participate in a course corresponding to the level obtained provided that the group of this level might be opened to other students (for group courses, a minimum of 3 students is required).

Warning, the IFL reserves the right to cancel a course for which the number of applicants is not sufficient and the placement cannot guarantee the access to a group course. In this case, fees related to the placement test shall be definitively retained by the IFL without any refund.

  • The Client may attest to his(her) level by producing a certificate evidencing the learning of French language delivered less than 16 months by other language training companies.

2.5 If the Client is not the trainee, it undertakes to cause to communicate the terms and conditions under its responsibility.


3.1 To enrol, please contact after acknowledgement of the terms and conditions. You will have to complete and sign a registration form.

3.2 The Client must register during the enrolment period indicated on the IFL Website.

3.3 After the closing date for enrolment, applications may be submitted to the Course Department at the following address: If there are still any places, the Client may send to IFL a registration form duly completed and signed. The application for registration shall be sent within 7 business days prior the start date of the course selected. The IFL reserves the right to accept or deny any application for registration after the deadline.


4.1 Training costs are subject to a pricing mentioned in all IFL communication media (Website, brochures, online platforms, billboards, etc). Amounts listed are flat-rate and do not include the training material costs. A price increase may be applied at the beginning of the academic/civil year. The total amount owed shall be payed upstream. The transfer costs are to be paid by the Client.

4.2 After the registration, an invoice will be sent by post and to the e-mail address provided by the Client, and

4.3 Payment should be made in full and not later than 10 days following the enrolment and only by wire transfer on the basis of an invoice immediately sent by email. The Client agrees to pay the entire amount due within the time limit mentioned below. On submission of a duly substantiated request by the Client, a split payment in 2 times may be granted by the IFL over a period not exceeding 3 months. No pro rata or a reduced registration fee shall be granted if the Client does not participate in the course or withdraws before completing the course.

4.4 Costs related to the purchase of teaching materials are not included in the course fees. The trainer is free to ask the Client to possess training material which is necessary for the successful conduct of the courses.

4.5 The IFL reserves the right to deny access to any person who has not filled in the registration formalities described above.


5.1 The opening of group courses (extensive and intensive) is subject to a minimum number of 3 participants. The IFL reserves the right not to teach a course, if a sufficient number of participants is not reached or for any other valuable reason.

5.2 In cases of force majeure, the IFL undertakes to inform the Client already enroled as soon as possible and ideally 1 business day before the scheduled starting date of the course that the course will not take place. The Client will be notified by email and is required to inform, as the case may be, the trainee.


6.1 A termination at the Client’s initiative is not possible in the case of any payment due or signing of the training contract.

6.2 Cancellation and postponement of training at the initiative of the IFL.

The IFL reserves the right to cancel a training or a course, despite enrolments already made, when it notices that such training cannot take place with optimal safety, comfort, supervision and/or learning conditions and in the cases of force majeure or exceptional circumstances. In this particular case, the Client will be personally informed by email. If necessary, the Client shall inform the Client. The IFL undertakes to propose to the Client already registered the postponement of the cancelled course or the opportunity to participate in a similar course for a subsequent training or the refund of the amounts paid.

If the course is cancelled, the Client must fill in a form with its bank account details for the refund of the sums paid. If a training already started should be cancelled by the IFL during the session without any opportunity to take part in a similar course, the Client shall be entitled to reimbursement of the registration fees prorated for courses not being offered.

6.3 If the course is postponed, no refund may be requested by the Client.

ARTICLE 7 – ISSUE OF CERTIFICATES – The Client undertakes to follow the courses with assiduity and application. Upon request of the Client, the IFL issue a registration and attendance certificates only at the end of the training. The certificate may be issued if the Client has effectively at least 70% of the courses during the relevant session. Attendance certificates are not delivered after expiry of a 4-months period following the end of the training concerned. As the IFL is not an examination centre, no level diploma can be issued.

ARTICLE 8 – APPOINTMENT OF THE TRAINERS AND PREMISES – The IFL appoints for each course a trainer who will provide language courses and define the premises where the courses will take place. The IFL cannot guarantee the same trainer for all the courses or for one session. To the extent possible, if a trainee is absent, the IFL undertakes to ensure the continuity of the service. If circumstances do not allow the replacement of the trainee, the course will be postponed to a later date within 3 months.

ARTICLE 9 – ACCESS TO PERSONAL DATA – Personal data regarding the Client that may be collected are mandatory, necessary and designed to the IFL for management purposes. In accordance with regulations in force, the collected information is intended exclusively to the IFL and shall be sold nor assigned to third parties. Under the amended Law dated 2 August 2002 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, the Client has the right to access, correct and remove personal data and the right of opposition that may be exercised in writing to Mrs Christelle Creff as person responsible for the data processing at the IFL, to the following address: 47, avenue Monterey, B.P. 236 L-2012 Luxembourg.


10.1 The Client discharges the IFL of any general liability and, in particular, for malware intrusion, hacking, phishing, data theft, either physical or electronic resulting from events beyond the IFL’s control.

10.2 The IFL does not undertake to achieve learning goals and does not accept liability for failure to meet the learning objectives set by the Client. In this regard, the IFL is only held to an obligation of due care.


The IFL reserves the right to modify unilaterally the present terms and conditions. Any modification of the present terms and conditions shall be notified to the Client by letter or by email.

The Client is entitled to withdraw the modification with 40 calendar days. Otherwise, the modification is deemed to be accepted. In the event of denunciation, the modification will remain ineffective and the terms and conditions in their previous version shall apply.


 – The present terms and conditions are subject to Luxembourg Law. Any dispute which might arise between the Parties relating to the training, the performance or the interpretation of the present terms and conditions, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Luxembourg District Court, sitting in French. The present terms and conditions are drawn up in French and English. In the case of any ambiguity or contradiction between the translation and the French version of the general terms and conditions, the French version shall prevail.


In the case of distance learning, the IFL shall send forthwith the terms and conditions to the Client after his (her) registration.

Handwritten note of the Client « The undersigned, Mr/Mrs ………………………………………………. declares, prior to any contractual commitments towards the IFL, having read, received a copy of the terms and conditions attached thereto and fully agreed to them. »

Date: __________________________

The Client (signature)

The trainee (signature)

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