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Would you like to enjoy your summer and improve your French skills at the same time? Would you like to make progress in a short period of time?  Is your level of French elementary or advanced?

Choose our courses and develop your French skills with us in Campus d’Été 2016!


We are pleased to present our Summer School program for 2016 called Campus d’Été!

In July, August and September, we offer 15-hour-a-week intensive French courses. This program is intended for teenagers and adults who want to improve their French with people who come from all over Europe who have the same level of French and wish to learn quickly.

The teaching is provided for assessed groups of 3 to 5 students, the teaching is based at the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and various methods are used by our instructors to diversify the courses. Every session offers: real-life situations, role plays, authentic texts, such as news articles, etc.

Our teachers alternate different types of listening, speaking and writing exercises by using audio, video and multimedia materials which make the courses more dynamic.

From Monday to Friday, we offer 3-hour-a-day General French courses, from 9a.m. to 12p.m. or from 1p.m. to 4p.m. You will be placed in a group according to your level and not necessarily to your age. We highly recommend you to take the course for several weeks so that you can see an improvement in your French skills.


From 04/07 to 08/07/2016

From 11/07 to 15/07/2016

From 18/07 to 22/07/2016

From 25/07 to 29/07/2016

From 22/08 to 26/08/2016

From 25/08 to 29/08/2016

From 05/09 to 09/09/2016


During the summer, our classes will take place at Lycée Athénée, 24 Boulevard Pierre Dupong, 1430 Luxembourg.

Tuition fee: 450€ a week.


FICHE INSCRIPTION CAMPUS ÉTÉ 2016 or registration online

Do You want to register in one of our courses of French language but you do not know your level?  

To establish your level, you can take a placement test that allows you to join the right group before registration.

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